French Parliament Report: “Toward a Controlled, Useful and Demystified Artificial Intelligence”


The work of the AI Initiative on “Making the AI Revolution Work for Everyone” is referred to in detail in this milestone report on AI by the French Parliament (House and Senate) p.181 to p.185

The Parliamentary Office For Scientific and Technological Assessment (OPECST)
French Republic

The OPECST, which was set up by Law n° 83-609 of 8 July 1983, following a unanimous vote of Parliament, aims, within the terms of the Law, ‘to inform Parliament of the consequences of the choice of scientific and technological options, in particular, so as to enable it to make enlightened decisions’. To do this, it ’collects information, launches study programs and carries out assessments.’

The recent rise of artificial intelligence technologies represents a major shift that is deeply transforming our societies and economies. Nevertheless, artificial intelligence remains a subject to constraints of social acceptability, because of alarmist visions.

The concept of artificial intelligence refers to multiple technologies, which rely on the use of algorithms and were born in the second half of the 20th century.

These technologies, whose combinations are constantly evolving, are already being implemented in a wide range of sectors and have led to unprecedented opportunities to revolutionize our living environment and improve our lives especially in matter of care for people.


Progress in artificial intelligence raises questions that the society must be aware of:
What are the opportunities and risks that are emerging?
Are France and Europe well positioned in the world race that has started?
What respective places for public research and private research?
What kind of cooperation between the two sectors?
What are the priorities for investment in artificial intelligence research?
What ethical, legal and policy principles should guide the new technologies?
Should regulation take place at national, EU, or international level?

In order to help answer these questions, the Parliamentary Office for scientific and technological assessment (OPECST) unanimously adopted a report entitled “Toward a Controlled, Useful and Demystified Artificial Intelligence” on 14 March 2017.

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